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Mariam Razi


Mariam is a seasoned Government Relations professional with extensive experience leading public policy, strategic communications, and advocacy design for various prominent public, private, and not-for-profit organizations across Canada. Her expertise includes skillfully tracking emerging policy issues, designing robust and integrated public affairs strategies, developing community and grassroots advocacy initiatives and building multi-party coalitions and strategic partnerships.

Throughout her career, Mariam has led regional and national advocacy campaigns for some of Canada’s largest healthcare organizations, including spearheading policy design and lobbying efforts to secure funding for Ontario’s public hospitals, patient advocacy groups, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, and emerging healthcare startups.

Mariam is passionate about helping organizations of all shapes and sizes meet their strategic advocacy objectives and designing unique and compelling stories to support their mission and relationship-building efforts. Mariam is a former civil servant with a strong track record of building effective relationships across all party lines with decision-makers at all levels and is an expert in building coalitions and strategic partnerships across grassroots communities, system partners and government stakeholders.

In her spare time, Mariam enjoys travelling, public speaking at local and international conferences, mentoring emerging leaders, and keeping a finger on the pulse of geopolitics and international affairs.

Mariam holds a BA Honours in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto and an MPS in Public Policy and Public Service from the University of Waterloo.


Mariam Razi
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