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Homeward offers a fulsome suite of public policy and government relations services.

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We work with top tier partner organizations to offer additional services related to communications, event planning, research, and more.

Our Services

Advocacy Training

Build the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective advocate. Our team provides fully customized training sessions to equip participants with knowledge of public policy, politics, and effective advocacy techniques.

Assessing and Navigating Political Risk

The political landscape is ever-changing and can impact your organization’s priorities. Work with us to formulate a strategic approach to navigate these challenges effectively.

Building Your Profile

Establish your reputation as a prominent public policy thought leader. Our team will help you highlight your expertise and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Coalition Building

Enhance your influence on public policy and all levels of government. We can help build a coalition of advocates to echo your messages to stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

Indigenous Relations Services

Our services in Indigenous relations empower Indigenous communities to navigate government decision-making processes effectively, fostering a path to reconciliation and understanding for non-Indigenous organizations.

Intelligence Gathering

The political landscape is dynamic. Stay informed with regular updates on individuals and events shaping the policy agenda.

Legislative Strategy and Monitoring

Our team can guide you through the formal process governments follow to pass or change laws. We will monitor government and other stakeholders to gather the intelligence you need to effectively pursue your goals.

Lobby Days

Ensure your voice is heard by decision-makers. Our team will help you strategize, develop content, and navigate these meeting blitzes with the right decisionmakers.

Mapping and Outreach to Stakeholders

Understand who you need to work with. We will collaborate with you to pinpoint key elected officials, political staff, government representatives, and others, and formulate effective strategies to connect with them.

Public Policy Development

Propel transformative change. Let us assist you in crafting, molding, influencing, or generating momentum for impactful public policy.

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