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Jacob Gorenkoff

Founder & CEO

Jacob brings a penchant for creative energy, big ideas, and a genuine love of helping others to everything he does: it’s those values that prompted him to found Homeward Public Affairs.

Building on his formal education in political management, he has built a career out of working with businesses and other organizations committed to building stronger, more inclusive communities. As an advocate and former not-for-profit executive, Jacob has built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading housing advocates, driven to leverage his knowledge and skills to make our communities beacons of innovation, opportunity, and prosperity.

Jacob has a passion for helping organizations fulfill their public affairs goals, demonstrating a track record of excellence developing and implementing advocacy strategies, running grassroots campaigns, forming, and communicating policy recommendations, and creating compelling content and programs.

When he isn’t helping you achieve your goals, Jacob can be found hiking, sipping a good whisky, and telling cringeworthy dad jokes – often all at once.


Jacob Gorenkoff
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